The New Chronology of Muslim Egyptian and Tunis Revivalism

Big congratulations to Egyptian and Tunis.

Every single your efforts are counted and being memorized without forgotten by the old and post modern world’s history in this new era of globalization. For sure, it is a signal and an alarm for another President or Prime Minister around the world.

Voices can make your paralyzed.

After 18 days (Egypt) and 19 days (Tunisia) make new “hometown” at Tahrir Square (Cairo) and Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia), finally, the dictatorship reign Husni “La” Mubarak and Zainal “Laisa” Abidin Ali was ended from hero to  zero.

Here, I attached a pictoral of Egypt and Tunisia….

The power of protester's voices can rule out the Dictatorship Presidency
The Tank Arrested.
Mu'minah : Wake up...!!!
The children's right
The children's power









Tataaa Horse-ni..............
The Egyptian new hopes......Allahu Akbar!!!
The new wave of Tunis
"Look at me....I'm starving!"
"I pay my life for the next-gen"










:::Nightmare Holiday:::

Nota :

“Kepada pemimpin yang diberi kuasa, sedar dan faham akan kehendak rakyat (stakeholder). Jangan terlalu ghairah dan rakus makan khazanah bumi (kami). ”


Bersedia dan rindu akan suasana ini….

Gelombang suara rakyat...........

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